Infravision Secures $23 Million in Series A Funding to Propel Power Grid Modernization through Innovative Drone-Enabled Upgrades

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The landscape of power grid modernization is on the cusp of a monumental transformation. Infravision, a pioneer in power grid modernization solutions, is pleased to announce the successful procurement of $23 million USD in Series A financing. This substantial investment will play a pivotal role in propelling the company’s endeavors to revolutionize power grid infrastructure with their state-of-the-art drone-enabled power line upgrades.

Pioneering Power Grid Modernization

Infravision stands at the forefront of modernizing power grids, leveraging cutting-edge technology that harnesses drones to construct and maintain power lines with unparalleled efficiency and precision. With the acquisition of this significant funding, Infravision is well-positioned to advance the development and scalability of their drone-enabled solutions, ultimately accelerating the global modernization of power grids.

A Transformative Investment

The Series A funding round was led by Energy Impact Partners (EIP) with substantial contributions from industry leaders such as Equinor Ventures and Edison International (EIX). Their involvement underscores the industry’s acknowledgment of Infravision’s potential to redefine the landscape of power grid modernization.

Toward a Cleaner and More Resilient Energy Future

Infravision’s mission extends beyond enhancing the reliability of power grids; it encompasses the imperative of rendering them more environmentally sustainable. This investment empowers Infravision to embark on a new phase of innovation, dedicated to enhancing the reliability and sustainability of power grids globally, paving the way for a cleaner and greener future.

A Vision for a Net-Zero Economy

Highlighting the criticality of their mission, Sameer Reddy, Managing Partner at EIP, elaborates, “Transmission remains the fundamental constraint to decarbonizing the grid and unlocking the net-zero economy. By most estimates, we need to 10x the pace of new transmission buildout over the next decade. EIP has spent the past several years scouring the market for technologies and business models that can truly accelerate how to plan and build transmission, which is why we are proud to support Cam, Chris and the Infravision team in their mission to accelerating a cleaner, more resilient global electric grid.”

Infravision’s recent funding success is a significant stride toward establishing a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable power grid infrastructure. Stay tuned as Infravision’s innovative drone-enabled solutions drive the evolution of power grid modernization, illuminating the journey to a brighter and more sustainable energy landscape.

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