Ausgrid Advancing Powerline Reconductoring with Infravision’s Aerial Robotics and Powerline Solutions

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As the demand for electricity continues to rise, power distribution companies worldwide face the challenge of maintaining and upgrading their infrastructure to meet the growing needs of consumers. Ausgrid, a leading distribution electricity provider in NSW, found itself in need of reconductoring an overhead earth wire (OHEW) across challenging terrains and long spans exceeding 500 meters [1640ft]. To accomplish this complex task efficiently and safely, Ausgrid turned to Infravision’s innovative drone tension stringing services. This blog article explores how Infravision’s approach enabled the successful completion of the project, exceeding all key performance indicators and streamlining the overall process.

A Perfect Fit for the Job

Recognizing the significant challenges posed by the reconductoring project, the Ausgrid project team diligently sought the most suitable solution. With spans extending over 500 meters [1640ft], multiple road crossings, and a deep gully between towers, a conventional approach would have been time-consuming, costly, and posed safety risks to personnel.

Utilizing advanced drone technology, Infravision could quickly and accurately string draw wires across the challenging spans, eliminating the need for extensive manual work and significantly reducing safety hazards.

The Scope of Infravision’s Contribution

Infravision responsibilities included preparing project delivery plans, supplying highly skilled delivery crews and the cutting-edge TX System, and providing all the necessary supporting synthetic rope and hardware. This turnkey approach ensured a seamless and cohesive operation from start to finish. 

Project Deliverables and Achievements

The primary goal of the project was to install synthetic draw lines, ready to be handed over to Ausgrid crews for further work. Infravision demonstrated its expertise and commitment by completing all project KPIs well ahead of the expected schedule. By efficiently deploying drone tension stringing services, they not only saved time but also enabled Ausgrid crews to compress their project schedule.

Safety First: Protecting People and the Environment

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing drone technology in this project was the enhanced safety it provided. Stringing draw wires manually across such challenging terrains would have exposed workers to various risks, including working at heights and navigating difficult landscapes. Infravision’s drone tension stringing services mitigated these risks, ensuring the safety and well-being of all personnel involved.

Moreover, the minimal footprint of drone operations meant reduced disturbances to the environment. By minimizing ground access and using advanced flight planning, the impact on local flora and fauna was reduced, aligning the project with environmentally responsible practices.

The successful completion of the Ausgrid OHEW reconductoring project stands as a testament to the transformative potential of innovative technologies in the power distribution industry. Infravision’s drone tension stringing services showcased their efficiency, safety, and environmental benefits, providing Ausgrid with a robust and forward-looking solution.

“Being that this was the first time using Infravision to get the hauling across the gully, we were very impressed with how it worked. It was time efficient to use the drone to get across the landscape that would have been hard to traverse across. We achieved the task we set out to do in an efficient manner and are ahead of schedule.” Mitch Burton, Field Supervisor, Ausgrid 

To see it in action, watch the video here

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