Austrade’s San Francisco Landing Pad @ Australia House 
March 13th
11am – 2pm
Australia House at Lucille Patio Lounge, 77 Rainey St, Austin TX

The San Francisco Landing Pad has a program of events at Australia House on Tuesday 14 March.

The program includes a startup brunch, wine tasting and startup showcase.

Brunch, Speak with Founders of Top Startups from Australia

Learn about Infravision’s mission to revolutionize the power grid

Full Q&A


Infravision, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Cameron Van Der Berg delivered a phenomenal presentation on the importance of energy security and climate action. In order to meet the 2030 global decarbonization targets, the industry estimates 11 million miles of new power lines in less than 7 years, which is equivalent to rebuilding the entire electric grid for the US and Canada that took 100 years to achieve.

Infravision’s aerial robotic technology automates power line construction, providing a safe, low impact and cost-efficient alternative to accelerate project delivery at 10x the speed needed to fast-track global transition to a renewable, reliable and safer grid.

Australia House, SXSW,

Address: Australia House at Lucille Patio Lounge, 77 Rainey St, Austin TX