TECH SPOTLIGHT – Infravision’s TX System Manufacturing for Overseas

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The specialist engineers at Infravision have been hard at work developing the TX System package to be deployed into international projects. We have engaged with our offshore partners to ensure our products comply with all the required regulatory requirements.

Our international service provider network has been set up to provide in-country product support and development to foster new relationships and work alongside customers to deliver projects.

Director of Engineering and Technology, Danny Van der Berg:

“We recognize that our customers have different approaches to how transmission lines are constructed. We work closely with our customers to understand how we can best integrate our system to deliver the most cost effective and safe solution. Our engineering team has developed a useful set of visual modeling tools that enable easy communication on the approach to transmission line stringing solutions. Setting up our international product development and support team has been a critical part of our expansion strategy.”

Interest in Infravision has been most prevalent in North America and India.

Co-founder and Director, Chris Cox:

“Following on from the successful delivery of a number of projects in Australia, we are now receiving a lot of interest from overseas customers interested in our products and services. The industry is beginning to recognize that we are reliably capable of delivering safe and environmentally friendly project outcomes which are often difficult to achieve as a combination. There is no doubt that the energy and power transmission sector is facing unprecedented investment globally and it is clear that the industry is seeking to implement new and innovative methods of installing high voltage assets to support the rapid expansion and construction.

We are excited about the opportunity to partner with and work alongside new customers on solutions that suit their business and project requirements. Exciting times for new innovation”

Infravision is available to do a live demonstration of the TX System product. If you would like to organize one please get in touch.

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