WORLD FIRST – Infravision Restores Power using their TX System in the World’s Longest Single Span Drone Flight

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Infravision has successfully completed the world’s longest known single span drone flight pulling power lines, using our revolutionary TX System technology.

The 1400m (4600ft) SWER wire had been damaged in severe storms.

Infravision was engaged by Ausgrid, the largest electricity distributor on Australia’s east coast, to restore the downed line. The flight was completed in Barrington Tops, New South Wales.

The completion of this project restored power to nearby townships in the Upper Hunter region.

Infravision Co-founder and Director Chris Cox:

The TX Stringing System was used to safely get the job done. Our innovative approach eliminated the need for easement clearing or the use of helicopters and significantly reduced the need for workers to be working at height for lengthy periods of time.

Infravision Director of Aviation Josh Williams:

Overall I am really ecstatic about what we have achieved on this job. We got a short notice CASA Approval that allowed us to fly across the valley in accordance with regulations. 

The TX System performed exactly as we planned and as it was designed to do in any terrain. I am so proud of our team and what we have achieved.

Ausgrid Acting Field Supervisor, Daniel Wadwell, watched the successful flight and praised Infravision for their expertise:

Due to the rugged terrain we engaged Infravision. 

It was unreal to watch. Infravision have been very professional in what they have done. There was a lot of expertise in the area which was good from Ausgrid’s point of view.

Infravision would like to thank the Ausgrid team for all their support in the field.

Our TX System is manufactured in Australia and is currently being prepared for numerous international markets.

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