WORLD FIRST – TX System Strings ADSS Cable with Partner Elfords Electrical

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Infravision has completed yet another world first with project partner Elfords to perform a successful aerial string of all-dielectric self-supporting (ADSS) cable at Byron Bay, NSW.

Infravision and Elfords used a heavy lift drone and a proprietary smart puller tension winch Thor 5 to aerial string a bull line to directly pull back ADSS cable.

The stringing profile called for a multi-stage pulling operation which saw the ground-breaking TX system in multiple hard to reach locations.

The work was conducted in difficult terrain in the Byron Bay hinterland, where the TX System’s unique ability to maintain tension of the flown bull line saw the line installed over privately owned, sensitive and geographically difficult obstacles such as large vegetation, creek crossings and local roadways.

A total of nine short flights were performed to fit in with the construction team’s stringing method, resulting in the total 4km stringing section being hung without any clearing and a greatly reduced risk profile.

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